The Basics of Macros – A Recap of Our Workshop

May 25, 2022

It’s RECAP day…if you missed the Nutrition Workshop with Guest Speaker Heather Wilson (owner of AGT Wellness) last week or knew you wouldn’t be able to join live, we are bringing you the inside scoop (and a chance to grab access to the REPLAY link).

Benefits of Counting Macros
Counting macros can help determine your body composition. It’s a more individualized way to meet your specific goals. Think of it this way: we count calories to change our weight, we count macros to change our body composition.

Counting macros can improve awareness of portion sizes, improve the nutrition density in the food you eat, and improve awareness of your habits (like snacking, mindless eating or emotional eating).

What percent of Carbs, Protein and Fat should you have in your diet? How do you calculate your daily intake needs for each macro based on your goals?
These are excellent questions that Heather tackles head-on. In general terms, the recommended ratio is 45-65% Carbs, 10-35% Proteins, and 25-30% Fats. It’s important to have each of these macro nutrients in your daily nutrition plan because they each play an important role in your health. Excluding one, commonly carbs, can lead to an imbalance and nutritional deficit. The majority of our carbs should come from whole, unprocessed foods like fruits and vegetables rather than items that contain processed simple sugars (like gummy worms, my favorite).

Enjoy the foods you love while making better decisions about your health.
Counting macros is not just about placing limits. It’s about improving our relationship with the food that fuels our bodies. This often includes the process our bodies use to self-repair through physical therapy. We discussed practical tips and common measures to enjoy the foods we love and not feel hungry or like we’re on the diet roller coaster.

Take the next step to dive deeper into Macros and learn how to practically start using this valuable information this week by getting the replay link.

WHY is Origin Rehabilitation, best known for our AMAZING physical therapy services, offering Free Nutrition Workshops?

We’ve been helping our community reduce pain and improve their health for years. We plan to continue to bring you speakers who are experts in their field and who can help you improve your health and ability to enjoy doing the things you love to do with the people you love.

Well… since we’ve made it our mission to help our community to be the healthiest it can be and since knowledge and understanding is the foundation to making changes, putting a small, no cost “class” together seemed like a GREAT way to fulfill our commitment.

We want to see you take your health to the next level, whether it’s through Mint Hill Physical Therapy office (7900 Matthews Mint Hill Rd, Suite 107E, Mint Hill, NC 28227) or our home health physical therapy service, Wellness, Dry Needling, Titleist Performance Institute Golf Assessments, Training Programs, or connecting you with experts and valuable resources in our community, we are here for it! Check out our website to learn more about Origin Rehab and what we’re doing in the community at

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