Origin Rehab Physical Therapy Testimonials

I have been dealing with hip and back pain for years. I saw a chiropractor last year in hope of getting some relief, but it didn’t help much. It had been several years since I saw an orthopedist, so last April I made an appointment and they did a series of x-rays with a thorough assessment. Other than a little arthritis, nothing was of concern on the images, so a MRI was ordered. Insurance denied the MRI, and because I was getting ready to change jobs I was not in a good position to fight it. Finding myself in a gap situation with insurance I was left on my own to find a way to manage the pain. Since the reason it was denied was not enough evidence of conservative measures being taken (which was just their attempt to justify denying the MRI) I decided to look for a physical therapist. A quick search lead me to Dave at Origin Rehab and after reading a few of many 5 star reviews, I gave him a call. He took time to discuss the problem over the phone and after about a 10 minute conversation told me he thought he could help. I can say with sincerity I am so glad I made that call. Dave worked with me to figure this out, changing course several times to get to the root cause, and while I am not yet pain free, I am feeling so much better than I was when I began PT, and I am hopeful that I can avoid surgery. I have been to other physical therapists over the years for various issues and this experience has been the best by far. Dave truly cares about helping his clients get well. He listens intently and he educates you as you go, which I found very helpful. Understanding why something hurts and how to go about correcting the problem will be knowledge I can use from here on out whenever I have flare-ups. Go see him, no need to look anywhere else. He is, quite honestly, the best!

Tania Haywood

If you are reading this, then something is hurting, nagging or causing painful disruption to your day. Let me save you a lot of time, money and pain by saying please give Origin a try first. In my experience with PT, I usually get a broad “diagnosis” and come in to perform a series of pre-determined exercises over and over each week. Things usually don’t progress that quickly and results are rarely achieved. Having to compete for time with the physical therapist between the three patients they are seeing is tough. With Origin Rehabilitation I receive one-on-one attention for the entire visit and each visit is a chance to re-evaluate things that are working and things that are not. The focus and attention I receive at each visit is so appreciated and having someone as equally invested in my short and long term goals is amazing. You will not receive a cookie-cutter approach to your issues, you will receive customized and specific care for whatever is giving you trouble. 

Matt Beard

I have worked with Dave on various rehab situations prior and three months ago he gave me two simple stretching exercises for sciatica pain. (This is an update to a previous rating.) I have had this pain and numbness come and go for nearly three years and nothing was working. It flaired up horribly in the Fall of 2020 and I’d say the pain was about an 8, on a scale of 10. The other PT’s and physicians I had seen throughout this time were unable to pinpoint what was needed to relieve the symptoms. So, I called Dave and asked him for some advice. After these past three months of doing those two stretches that he recommended, I am pain free. The man knows his business and this update is called for, as three years is a long time to wait on this mess to leave. Thanks, Dave. Origin Rehabilitation is the “PT-King!” 

Jim Bucholtz

I started off bedbound just a few months ago. After working with the staff at Origin, I am now climbing two flights of stairs in my home. My PT coach, Katrina, offers so much support and knowledge. I didn’t think I’d ever hit these milestones again. Through there connections, support and training, I can see a day when I’ll be back walking at my favorite park soon. Thanks Origin!! 

Lynn Cole

Dave & his team Origin Rehab provided be the best Physical Therapy experience I have ever had and I have had my fair share of therapy. The customer service from beginning to end was unmatched. I always felt like I received 1 on 1 & personalized care. I am super grateful for everything Origin Rehab provided to me!

Marnell Cabanilla

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Jackie Garcia

David has helped my daughter regain strength and confidence after a break and surgery. He is patient, consistent and effective. It is unbelievable to be able to access such high quality therapy in the comfort of my home. I would highly recommend Origin Rehabilitation. 

Zeenat Bawangaonwala

David at Origin Rehab knew exactly how to treat me to get me to complete recovery, with focused one on one care- very professional and quick to respond to my concerns- highly recommend his services to anyone that can benefit!!! –