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Donovan G.
David is extremely knowledgeable, attentive and thorough. I trust his approach and knowledge to help me build the right protocol to get function restored and have been excited to see him helping me addresses deficiencies in other areas too. Most importantly, I have his undivided attention and focus from the beginning to end of every session. Highly recommend Origin Rehab to help you heal, improve and thrive!
Carol A.
We couldn’t be happier with the team at Origin Rehab. They have helped my 82 year old mother strengthen her muscles and have helped her improve her stability with walking and everyday activities. She has improved so much over the last couple months. They are also very kind and gentle with her which means a lot!
Kelly S.
Katrina and Dave are fantastic ! They are working with my 96 year-old mom. They are so compassionate and really know their stuff. My mom can be a bit stubborn; Katrina smiles at her and keeps on working with her. They have developed a nice bond. I am amazed at how much their PT is helping my mom build muscles we didn’t know she still has. I highly recommend Origin for anyone needing home physical therapy.
Annette M.
David Reed is a true professional and posses the knowledge and skill to turn your broken body into a mean operating machine. I came in after a horrible automobile accident, I was hobbling and not able move well, but with each visit, I have improved, my knee is much better, my back is well on its way and the headaches are better and less frequent.
Sara N.
It is rare when you find a company that not only provides the service you are looking for but also has knowledgeable, kind and compassionate employees. If you are looking for a Physical Therapist there is no need to look further. My 80 year old mother fell and broke her femur and was not able to weight bare for 8 weeks. My mother lives in an assisted living. To live in an Assisted Living facility you have to be able to stand, pivot to chair or wheelchair and be steady on your feet. We needed a physical therapist that would provide in-home Pt to help my mother meet these requirements in order to go back home. Katrina, my mothers Physical Therapist was amazing! She really listened to what our goals of care were and worked toward them. Not once did we feel that we were wasting our money. In addition to being knowledgeable Katrina showed my mother great kindness and respect during her time with her. I am a Nurse Practitioner and really appreciate someone who is Knowledgeable and compassionate!
Tania H.
I have been dealing with hip and back pain for years. I saw a chiropractor last year in hope of getting some relief, but it didn’t help much. It had been several years since I saw an orthopedist, so last April I made an appointment and they did a series of x-rays with a thorough assessment. Other than a little arthritis, nothing was of concern on the images, so a MRI was ordered. Insurance denied the MRI, and because I was getting ready to change jobs I was not in a good position to fight it. Finding myself in a gap situation with insurance I was left on my own to find a way to manage the pain. Since the reason it was denied was not enough evidence of conservative measures being taken (which was just their attempt to justify denying the MRI) I decided to look for a physical therapist. A quick search lead me to Dave at Origin Rehab and after reading a few of many 5 star reviews, I gave him a call. He took time to discuss the problem over the phone and after about a 10 minute conversation told me he thought he could help. I can say with sincerity I am so glad I made that call. Dave worked with me to figure this out, changing course several times to get to the root cause, and while I am not yet pain free, I am feeling so much better than I was when I began PT, and I am hopeful that I can avoid surgery. I have been to other physical therapists over the years for various issues and this experience has been the best by far. Dave truly cares about helping his clients get well. He listens intently and he educates you as you go, which I found very helpful. Understanding why something hurts and how to go about correcting the problem will be knowledge I can use from here on out whenever I have flare-ups. Go see him, no need to look anywhere else. He is, quite honestly, the best!
Tina B.
HIGHLY recommend!! I had a bad shoulder from several injuries-to include a car crash. The previous place I went to for PT barely got my arm to raise 3/4 of the way. After 1 session with Origins Rehab, I have full range of motion, and my shoulder does not hurt. My own doctor was amazed-she had not seen that much range of motion in a few years! Always professional, courteous, and does an amazing job explaining what the process will be and the individual action plan for you will be. I highly recommend you contact them-you will not regret it at all
Brenden M.
I have a 17 year old injury that causes significant pain. Dave was working on my wife and I mentioned my own limitations. Dave’s approach was methodical, precise, and effective. I experienced improvement in an area that I had no hope. Additionally, after several visits he completely eradicated my wife’s pain as well. I would highly recommend.
Josh H.
Dave has been a vital part of my shoulder and arm rehabilitation. I’ve had therapy and rehab for various injuries with other companies and what sets Dave apart is the attention he is giving to my recovery. Other companies would assess and give me work to do and then go check in with another patient. A 60 minute appt with the therapist was actually about 30 minutes with the therapist. A 60 minute appointment with Dave is 60 minutes of Dave focused on my recovery. And he isn’t just concerned with the injured area. As my injuries improve he is making sure my entire body learns to include my shoulder and arm in day to day life and in training. Thank you Dave!!!
Teri B.
I have worked with Dave from Origin Rehab four times, and each has been fantastic. He helped me regain full range of motion when recovering from flesh-eating bacteria in my arm. More recently he has helped me through sciatica recovery. I have severe kypho-scoliosis and sciatica compounded the pain significantly. Dave helped with easy-to-do exercises and other remedies (like dry-needling) which jump-started my healing. Origin Rehabilitation is an answer to my (and my wife’s) prayers!
Jacquelyn G.
After my car accident the whiplash was pretty intense. I am very active and the pain really affected my quality of life. Dave was able to help alleviate the pain after just a couple of sessions and develop an effective treatment plan for a full recovery!
Melissa B.
Dave is a great physical therapist. He was able to fix the neck pain and stiffness I have suffered from for years. He is caring and conscientious. He listens to your concerns and works hard to find a solution for your issues. I highly recommend him!
Elena H.
After I hurt my back, I spent 5 days in bed. Dave came, and after two sessions was able to substantially reduce my pain and I’m able to function again. I fully recover in 3 days. Everything was done with high level of professionalism. Dry needling in hands of professionals is a life saving procedure. Thank you Dave.
Jackie G.
David has helped my daughter regain strength and confidence after a break and surgery. He is patient, consistent and effective. It is unbelievable to be able to access such high quality therapy in the comfort of my home. I would highly recommend Origin Rehabilitation.
Cassandra K.
Dave is patient and very knowledgeable. He genuinely cares about helping you improve your quality of movement & strength and eliminating body aches. I was unable to enjoy running due to pain and after a few visits with Dave, I can happily say I am running again! All through the process he educated me and gave me the tools for future self care to prevent my pain from coming back. If body aches and pain are holding you back, see Dave, he’s great!!
Ryan C.
I came to Dave a tense broken mess, and he taught me to stretch, change the way I did squats and lunges, and dry needled my tense muscles. After that day I walked away a new man. I my pain subsided, and I got a large increase in lower body mobility! Thanks to Dave I can workout, work construction, and walk up the stairs again! 100% Recommend Dave (and his dry needling)
Steven A.
Dave has helped me with several minor sports injuries. He is very knowledgeable, patient and quickly came up with a game plan to get me back into the sport I love and enjoy. I would recommend Dave to any age group with any issue as it relates to rehab of a sports injury or mobility issue. Thanks Dave
Joe C.
Dave Reed has developed and delivers a comprehensive approach to providing physical therapy to his adult clients who desire to lead active lives. While his clinical experience and skills are first-rate, it was his caring attitude and personal approach that first caught our attention. We believe that operating philosophy is essential in our business and we refer our clients to Origin Rehab with complete confidence.
Susanne W.
I have seen several different PT’s throughout my adult life. Dave is top notch and not only fixed my pain but figured out the cause. As a trainer at Rebalance we are excited to be partnering up with Dave. I have sent several of my clients to him and they have gotten great results! We work together as a team to help our clients! I highly recommend using Dave as a PT!
Henry F.

I had not been able to play tennis since 4/21. David solved my chronic elbow pain in 4 and a half visits. His approach and effectiveness made the difference. Definitely recommend!

Cheryl W.
Dave provided quality PT care with my back injury. He was able to get me back on my feet and pain free within a few weeks of specialized therapy.
Julie Q.
David, with Orgin Rehab, was wonderful to work with! I started seeing him for shoulder and hip pain and now 4 weeks later I am feeling so much better. I loved that he came to my house and I didn’t have to go anywhere. If I have any injuries in the future I will be calling him for sure!
DC Chumley

I’ve dealt with the VA and civilian physician’s for more than 10 years for the numerous medical conditions and pain levels associated with these. Once all the pain meds were pulled due to crack down against use of oxycodone etc my pain levels went through the roof. I tried acupuncture, chiropractic and any other means to get my pain levels under a manageable level. When the VA wouldnt cover treatments I even paid out of pocket just to make the pain bearable. I know there isnt a magic pill or cure for my issues. But with just 3 treatments with Dave from Orgin Rehab my pain level has now become more bearable, better than it’s been in over 10 years even. I’ve seen numerous ortho, PTs etc over the years but none showed me the ways to help ease my pain levels that was shown to me by Dave from Origin Rehabilitation.
I highly recommend Dave and Orgin Rehab to assist with all your pain needs. Dave and Orgin truly care about his patients. Give him a call.

Jim B.
I have worked with Dave on various rehab situations prior and three months ago he gave me two simple stretching exercises for sciatica pain. (This is an update to a previous rating.) I have had this pain and numbness come and go for nearly three years and nothing was working. It flaired up horribly in the Fall of 2020 and I’d say the pain was about an 8, on a scale of 10. The other PT’s and physicians I had seen throughout this time were unable to pinpoint what was needed to relieve the symptoms. So, I called Dave and asked him for some advice. After these past three months of doing those two stretches that he recommended, I am pain free. The man knows his business and this update is called for, as three years is a long time to wait on this mess to leave. Thanks, Dave. Origin Rehabilitation is the “PT-King!”
David W.
David Reed is absolutely 5 star. He is not only knowledgeable in his field but he actually cares about his patients. He takes the time to figure out what the problem is and develops an individualized treatment plan. Whether your seeking an in person treatment or a telehealth visit you cannot go wrong with David Reed and Origin Rehab!
Lauren S.
David, at Origin Rehab, is a top-quality PT who really cares about you on the individual level. Plus his mobile PT services are super convenient, which makes all the difference when you have a busy schedule.
Rich S.
Recommend! Very reliable, available, and helpful. My back pain is much, much lower and the golf game is in a better place. 🙂
Zeenat B.
David at Origin Rehab knew exactly how to treat me to get me to complete recovery, with focused one on one care- very professional and quick to respond to my concerns- highly recommend his services to anyone that can benefit!!!
Aaron K.
People are what make a business and Origin Rehab is made up of the best people! If you want someone dedicated to your recovery and invested in your well being then you want to go to Origin!
Regiane C.
I referred Dave to a dear friends mom and there are no words for the work he was able to do in a few sessions. I highly recommend Origin Rehabilitation

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