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Fall Prevention

at Origin Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Clinic in Mint Hill, NC

What is Fall Prevention?

Do you feel unsteady? Find yourself reaching for furniture as you walk through your home? Considering using a cane or walker for the first time? Have you had a recent fall or “near miss”?

The team at Origin Rehab physical therapy in Mint Hill, NC may be able to help.

At your first visit, we will complete a series of tests to score your balance. Though we know your balance isn’t what is used to be, it is important to measure our starting point so that we can accurately measure and communicate progress!  The plan that we implement will include stretching, strengthening, and specific exercises to help with neuro-motor recruitment (a fancy term that means to help nerves and muscles work together better).

Through treatment plans just like this, we’ve helped many people just like you in our community walk more safely and even eliminate falls altogether in several circumstances!

How Will Fall Prevention Training Help Me?

While development of balance problems and even an occasional fall may be common for seniors over 65 years of age, falling is not a “normal part of aging” and should be addressed by a professional skilled in balance training and fall prevention treatment. Physical therapy can help to identify and treat the underlying cause(s) of your balance problem.

Since each of our appointments is 1-on-1 with your therapist’s time focused 100% on you, your treatment plan will address your specific needs and can be adjusted to fit your needs as your abilities improve. This way, treatment is never repetitive and progress remains consistent.

fall prevention therapy at Origin Rehabilitation physical therapy clinic in Mint Hill, NC

Ready to Get Started?

Each of our clients has their own unique needs. Our Balance Training and Fall Prevention programs are designed to meet your individual needs providing the skilled therapy and training that work best for you. You won’t find a one-size-fits-all program or experience a cookie cutter approach. Returning to the active lifestyle you’ve come to expect is possible, even if you struggle with chronic pain or have experienced a fall. Please contact our physical therapy clinic in Mint Hill, NC today to schedule your appointment or consultation.

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