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Electrical Stimulation

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What is Electrical Stimulation?

In its simplest form, electrical stimulation therapy involves application of self-adhesive pads to the skin over the targeted area. These pads are connected to a device that sends a specific frequency to stimulate (muscle or motor nerve) or inhibit (sensory nerves carrying pain signals) nerve activity depending on the intent of treatment.

Electrical stimulation may be used alone or in conjunction with dry needling therapy to enhance intended effects and speed the healing process.

How Will Electrical Stimulation Help Me?

At Origin Rehabilitation physical therapy in Mint Hill, NC, we generally use modalities like electrical stimulation to support other clinical treatments. However, support treatments like electrical stimulation can enhance the benefits of these other therapies.

Electrical stimulation has been shown to decrease pain sensation, increase muscle activity, aide in muscle recruitment, improve muscle coordination, encourage blood flow and reduce swelling locally. This treatment is commonly used in a wide variety of conditions from post-surgical recovery (for example, joint replacement or rotator cuff repair) to recovery from stroke. Often, painful conditions like low back pain, shoulder pain or other muscle or ligament strains may also find benefit.

electrical stimulation therapy at Origin Rehabilitation physical therapy clinic in Mint Hill, NC

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