Dr. Christopher Hux

Dr. Christopher Hux

PT, DPT, Cert DN
Physical Therapist

I grew up in beautiful Clearwater, FL. I went to PT school at UNF in Jacksonville, FL and graduated in 2014. I have been practicing PT now for 9 years.

I have worked in multiple settings that include – SNF, ALF, Outpatient, Mobile PT, Travel PT, Home health. I have credentials in Mckenzie, Fall Prevention, and Cert DN.

My Core Values consist of Faith, Persistence, Love, Joy, Kindness, Self-Control

“Get Comfortable being Un-comfortable”

At Origin Rehab, I help out by treating patients, marketing, and helping build the company to serve the community. I love to focus on prevention. That could be prevention from disease, illness, falls, etc. I also specialize in pain relief & recovery by using modalities such as dry needling, and cupping. One of my goals is to help patients that deal with pain with walking. I want to help people live a better quality of life and do the things they love. I like to help people with their physical, mental and spiritual health. In regards to the older population, I like to help people get out of pain and improve their overall activity. I also like working with fall prevention. With other populations, I enjoy working with athletes such as runners or tennis players. I like helping them maximize their skills & with recovery as well

I love working with the team! I’m allowed to be myself & use my skills to best help the people and community. I also love the freedom with my time & schedule. Also, I am ecstatic to help build the company to maximize our ability to help people with their health.

 What is Dr. Christopher Reading, Watching or Listening To?

The Drive Peter Attia (Podcast)
The Bible (Book)
Any Books By Napoleon Hill (Book)
Business Secrets from the Bible (Book)

Outside of work, I love to spend time with my family & community, especially by being active. I enjoy activities such as working out in the gym, hiking, running, and swimming. I also enjoy reading books & listening to podcasts.

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Chris Hux Working with Dr. Chris has changed my life! Most importantly, he taught me what exercises are appropriate for me. When I started working with him, for example, I shunned away from the elliptical and rowing machines. Now I used them and all the machines in my gym. I learned how to alternate workouts and the benefits of interval training. I am now addicted to working out and I am much stronger. Dr. Chris also has a lot of valuable nutrition knowledge. Thanks to Dr. Chris I am going to live long and strong (Psalms 91:16).


-Nancye Rivera

I’ve made it to age 37 without having any broken bones, or huge body issues and have been super blessed. Then Dr. Hux joins our BNI group, which we were super excited about, and then I tore my rotator cuff – I think he planned it. No, all kidding aside, during one of the February freezes I slipped down the back steps and caught my arm in a weird way and hurt my arm. After telling Dr. Hux, he immediately set up a PT plan for me, and even during a pandemic, jumped right in and started working with me. He comes to my home, helps we work my arm and stretch the muscles around it, and has taught me so many great exercises for my arm and shoulder. I’m still in the middle of the treatment, so I can’t say I’m healed completely yet, but I will say I’ve gained a lot more mobility and am feeling much better. He has been a consummate professional throughout the entire process and I’m blessed to have him in our group to walk me through this. So, thank you Dr. Hux for sneaking up behind me, pushing me down the stairs, and then making it better! Much appreciated 


-Olin Eargle 

“Working with Chris at Origin has been a great experience with helping to improve my mobility and pain after injury. There are different methods used to help push through the pain the correct way to rehabilitate the body. It has been great learning new tools to move forward by using different techniques from an expert to improve. There is always encouragement and help to push through the difficulties. I would recommend this location to anyone who wants to improve their pain and see real results.” – Karen G.

“Highly, highly, highly recommend Dave Reed, Chris Hux & the team at Origin Rehab ! They are incredible Physical Therapists and helped me get pain free & back to the things I love ! I can now walk & do all things around my home without pain or discomfort. Thank you guys again !” – Transformative Stays